Best BBQ Gloves

Barbecuing can be a fun and easy way to give flavor to food no matter the season, but it can also be a hassle if not done right. One way that you can do a barbecue right is to have the best tools.

It may seem like the best BBQ gloves look the same, which can make you think that any pair of kitchen gloves will do.

Many people do not consider whether they should get the best BBQ gloves because it is not the first thing that comes to mind when someone hears the word “barbecue.” Grill enthusiasts usually look forward to the type of meat that will go on the grill, whether it is a rack of ribs or steak. They also look forward to using the other parts of the grill, but many tend to overlook the safety part.

Best BBQ Gloves

#1 – Artisan Griller Insulated Gloves
#2 – Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves
#3 – Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves
#4 – Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Extra Long Suede Grill Gloves

When you are about to embark on a journey of filling the air with that distinct flavorful aroma of barbecued meat, you would want to be ready during that time. Once you get everything going with your grill, meat, and tool set, the moment can be ruined when you find yourself suddenly having to move the coals or logs around.

However, you cannot do it with your bare hands or just grab a pair of oven mitts or rubber kitchen gloves. Even if you are able to do that, it does not guarantee your safety from burns, unlike having a pair of barbecue gloves that are made for barbecuing. Even though it is not a dangerous task, it would still be much better to barbecue without any type of injury. It should be an enjoyable experience that brings good memories.

It can be confusing and a bit challenging to find barbecue gloves that fit what you need. Barbecue gloves vary and can be made with different materials, design, and purpose. Some gloves can be budget friendly while others can be very expensive.

If you are a professional chef, the gloves that you are looking for will be different compared to those who cook for the fun and satisfaction of barbecuing. You need to consider a number of factors to find the right barbecue gloves. It is easier to choose when you have a set of requirements. Most people look for gloves that can be easily cleaned, water resistant, and have the right length. It should also allow you some movement to work with tongs or knives.

A professional barbecue chef would look for a different type or quality of gloves than those who barbecue occasionally. When you know what you need with a pair of BBQ gloves, finding the best ones will become much easier. You will have to consider a few factors to find the best one for you and to make choosing easier.

Most people want gloves for barbecuing that are not easily stained, are long enough, but still allow movement when you handle tongs and knives. Another important thing is that these gloves should be easy to clean and will not break the bank. Having this feature in mind can help you narrow down a wide range of choices and saves you time in looking at a pair of gloves you might regret investing in.

Do I Really Need to Wear BBQ Gloves?

Over time, you might get by without using one, but over time, it will also start to become a hassle. If  barbecuing and smoking meat is something that you want to do a lot, you should know that you will get in contact with the metal parts of your grill while you cook. No one wants to burn themselves accidentally while cooking, and even the most careful of chefs have had their fair share of kitchen or barbecuing mishaps.

You should have a set of barbecue gloves that are well insulated and suited for barbecuing because you will handle a BBQ tool set, hot coals or logs, grill trays, plates, and starters. Whether or not you have been cooking for a long time or just starting to see how your new gas grill works, chances are you have experience with picking up something hot with your bare hands. It would be awesome if we can handle kitchen fire and heat that way, but it can also be dangerous. Worse, it can give you an injury that you will never forget.

Barbecuing is not as risky as welding or smelting, so these gloves are not as heavy duty as the ones used for those jobs. However, the gloves featured here are ideal to use for the general smoker or gas grill. They will provide the insulation necessary to make barbecuing a safe and even enjoyable experience for you.

best bbq gloves

Why Tongs Shouldn’t Be Used Instead of Gloves

The next best thing to having the best gloves for barbeque are a pair of tongs that you can use for just about almost all types of cooking, except for handling soup. It is also a practical choice for frying since you can pick up food easily than balancing them with a spatula. Tongs are a favorite cooking utensil, but you cannot use or rely on them all the time.

It could be that you just finished grilling a rack of ribs or steak, and you have to take it out of the fire because it has reached perfection. However, you only have your tongs lying around. It is not something you can rely on when you have to travel some distance to reach the table. Those juicy ribs might not make it in one piece.

You might also have a mishap even when you are just cleaning your gas grill. Handling grill plates that are still hot means you need to be careful and you need to also have the right tools.

Tongs would be what many people would normally use in this situation, but you also have to consider that it might not be a smooth task, especially when grill plates are dropped, or you get minor burns. It is much better to use the best heat resistant BBQ gloves to get the job done properly and without any damage to you or other parts of the grill gas part.

Cleaning the gas grill is a big part of maintenance, and you can expect to do a lot of moving parts around to remove dirt and grime. That is why you should get a pair of gloves that is well-suited for that purpose. You will see many gloves that are affordable, but the material they are made of does not allow much movement. When you grip something, it can still slip easily, so it can do more damage than good in different parts of your grill.

Materials Used In TheBest Barbeque Gloves

The materials used in the best BBQ glovess for handling meat have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Gloves used in barbecuing are usually made of three materials. You have to be aware what each of the materials can offer you, so you can easily choose the glove that is best for you.

Woven Aramid Fabric

The fibers used in Aramid fabric are mainly used in the gear that firefighters wear. This material is so sturdy it is also utilized in the military world as well as in the field of aerospace. That is because this material features resilient synthetic fibers that are resistant to hear.

Because it is highly resistant to heat and scraping, Aramid fibers are also used in protective body armor and other protective gear such as helmets and vests. Because of the many uses of this material, you can never go wrong when you choose a pair of gloves for barbecuing that is made from woven Aramid fibers.

However, you also need to consider that this material does not feature water resistant quality. This means if you like to use liquids when you barbecue, you might want to look for gloves made of another material. The gloves made from this material can be on the pricey end. However, it would be a practical investment if you decide to go with gloves that are made from woven Aramid fabric.


If you are looking for an affordable pair of barbecue gloves, this material is the answers. Not only is silicone cheaper than other glove materials, it is also really easy to clean and water resistant. It is even safe to wash in a dishwasher. That is why this material is ideal, especially for those looking for a more budget friendly option when it comes to the best gloves for barbecuing, carrying grill plates, and trays.

This material is also heat resistant because its properties resemble that of rubber. It also means that it is dense and can provide insulation as well. Even though it sounds like Silicone is the ultimate answer, it has weaknesses along with its strengths.

One disadvantage is that gloves made from silicone can be heavy, so it can be a bit difficult to transport or clean smaller gas grill parts. Another thing that might make you consider other materials is that silicone gloves might not offer the right fit especially around the wrist.

If you are big on comfort, silicone is not really the way to go. Aside from the not so ideal size, silicone gloves also get slippery the more you work with meat and its fatty oils.

Treated Leather

One advantage of treated leather is that it is affordable, so if you are looking for barbecue gloves that do not break the bank, then this is the material you should go with. However, this would not be the best gloves for barbecuing that are heat resistant. Even some manufacturers of barbecue gloves made from treated leather would advise consumers not to use it when handling extremely hot surfaces, gas grill parts, or coals.

If you are going to invest in a great pair of barbecue gloves, you might as well choose gloves made of a material that is going to be worth your hard-earned dollars. Treated leather requires more effort when it comes to maintenance. Cleaning is also a hassle with gloves made of this material because you cannot put it in the dishwasher as easily as other types of gloves.

Doing so would affect the quality of the leather and that means you might find yourself purchasing a new one all over again. Treated leather gloves could be the gloves that you are looking for only if you are fast in handling hot coals and gas grill parts.

Best BBQ Gloves for Barbecuing

Artisan Griller Insulated Gloves

For those who use gloves for a long period of barbecuing, the Artisan griller insulated gloves are the best BBQ gloves. They are a long pair of gloves made of neoprene that reach up to the wrist and give you great protection from heat and grime as well. They are heat resistant, stain resistant, waterproof, and comfortable.

When it comes to cleaning, it is not too much of a chore to clean them. Only when it is really dirty should you put it in overnight soaking, but other than that, you can safely and easily clean it with mild detergent.

These gloves were made and measured for barbecuing. They cover the forearms well and will almost reach your elbows, so you do not have to worry about it coming short or not protecting you from the hot grill.

When it comes to flexibility, you do not have to worry about doing other tasks while wearing these gloves because it allows a lot of movement. Thanks to the neoprene lining, you do not have to take it off every time you have to do something else other than moving hot coals around.

The reason these best barbecue gloves will provide you the comfort that you need when you barbecue is that it is lined with a jersey cotton liner. This material is known for being breathable, which is why it is perfect for summer barbecues.

Because it is lined with a very breathable fabric, you can put on these gloves and wear them for a long time. Unlike other gloves that feel heavy, you will not mind these gloves just as much because they provide the ultimate comfort.

Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves

These could be the best gloves for barbequeing since it is for those who are comfortable working with fire, but requires something that is more water resistant and has good grip. When it comes to comfort, you can also rely on these gloves to give you that much needed flexibility.

They are a bit thicker because of the silicone, but that is also what makes them durable and rip resistant. People usually worry about flexibility, but you do not have to worry about that when it comes with these gloves because you can still handle small tools with them.

Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

This extremely heat resistant gloves are perfect for those who like to barbecue using high temperatures. If you search for the best BBQ gloves for heat, you are most likely to find this at the top of the list. Not only do these gloves look good, but they are flexible and comfortable on top of being the best in providing heat resistance.

If you are wondering about just how resistant to heat they are, then you should know that they can withstand up to 500 degrees centigrade. It is perfect for barbecue enthusiasts who are getting serious with this activity.

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Extra Long Suede Grill Gloves

These gloves are extra long, durable and heavy duty. They are perfect for holding hot grill plates, moving heavy, hot grill parts, coals and logs. If your barbecue cooking style involves a lot of transporting, moving, and hold scalding grill plates and coals, then you will love this pair of gloves. It is made of suede, which is durable and is perfect for long hours of grilling.

Even though many people think it is difficult to work with tools made of suede, these gloves are flexible and it is easy to use when you handle small cooking tools or objects. They are much larger than other gloves for barbecuing, but you will still be able to use knives and tongs while wearing them. They may not be the BBQ gloves for small hands because it is larger, but it will get the job done.


Each pair of gloves made of different materials featured here has their own strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on what you are looking for and what your idea is of the best BBQ glovess for handling meat. The gloves that you choose has to suit your cooking or grilling style.

Some people like to really spend time working with meat and smoke, so a heat resistant glove would be the ideal pick for them. Those who are really particular with cleaning their cooking tools would choose a glove that needs the least care and attention.

Others want the best deal for their money, so they will prefer something that is affordable and last for a long time. When you have realized that safety is important to you in grilling and you do not want to use oven mitts for barbecuing anymore, a pair of barbecue gloves that fit your needs will be much easier to find.