Best Driving Gloves

Sure, wearing driving gloves may not be an absolute necessity when you’re taking your vehicle out for a spin. But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge yourself by exploring the best driving gloves out in the market.

Despite the fact that driving gloves in themselves are built for functionality, you can consider other factors such as style, design, material, and of course, comfort when selecting the best driving gloves to fit your preferences.

With that in mind, we offer you this driving gloves guide so that you can make a more informed decision in buying the pair of gloves that’s perfect for you.

Best Driving Gloves

#1 – Pratt & Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves
#2 – KUYOMENS Men’s Half Finger Genuine Leather Gloves
#3 – Riparo Genuine Leather Full-Finger Driving Gloves
#4 – RIVBOS Fingerless Driving Gloves

Factors to Consider in Choosing Driving Gloves

  • Material. It might be best to start with the simplest factor: material. As far as driving glove materials are concerned, leather is widely considered as the most common and familiar. There’s a big reason for this – leather is durable, comfy, and easily available. But recent advances in manufacturing technology have given rise to other new materials, like Nylon Lycra, which combines flexibility with toughness.
  • Design. Apart from the material used, design is also a common consideration in choosing the right driving gloves. Do you prefer using a pair that completely covers your fingers, or a pair that comes with knuckle cut outs? The latter design certainly offers some advantages – for one, it facilitates a better grip on the steering wheel, with the knuckle cut outs allowing easier flexing of fingers.
  • Compatibility with touch screen interfaces. When you’re driving, do you need to use a smartphone, a tablet, or a Sat Nav? For some, this is an important question when it comes to buying driving gloves, simple because you would need to know if the pair you’re buying allows you to interact with any touch screen interface without any problem.
  • Comfort. Your level of comfort may depend on one or several of the factors mentioned earlier. Choosing a closed glove may mean having to anticipate your hands sweating under extended use. Or using Nylon Lycra could cause itching or friction burn.

Two Basic Variants of Driving Gloves

It is true that driving gloves differ in terms of material, design, and added functionality, but most versions currently available in the market can be categorized into these two basic variants:

  • Full-fingered type. Basically, this type includes any pair that covers your entire hand and fingers. While this variant provides full coverage and protection, especially against extreme temperatures, weather elements, or dirt, it might affect your ability and sensory capacity when using devices with touch screens while you’re driving.
  • Fingerless type. This type is designed to allow you to make full use of your bare fingertips when driving. Naturally, the partial coverage sacrifices some of the protection, but on the other hand, you can enjoy better faculty especially when operating touch screen interfaces while on the road.

best driving gloves

Differentiating Between Driving Gloves and Racing Gloves

Driving gloves and racing gloves may share some similarities, but it pays to know the difference, especially in understanding their respective uses. Broadly speaking, driving gloves are generally designed for common or everyday use, for purposes of basic protection and improving steering wheel grip. Thus, driving gloves are usually manufactured from comfortable material.

In contrast, racing gloves have a more specialized function. First and foremost, they provide additional protection in case of car crashes or explosions, which are more likely to happen given the high-speed nature of car racing sports.

It’s no surprise then that when compared to ordinary driving gloves, racing gloves  tend to be made out of material  that is heat resistant and built with tougher design. Whereas driving gloves frequently feature a leather design, racing gloves  quite often are  manufactured from materials that are more protective than leather (which can’t withstand exposure to flames, by the way).

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Driving Gloves

It’s always a wise decision to consider every angle and review every piece of information in order to pick the best gloves for driving. Listed below are frequently asked questions related to driving gloves, and here’s hoping the insights presented here could help you make your choice.

Do I need driving gloves?

First of all, there are many reasons for using driving gloves, but it is mainly up to you to decide if you buy driving gloves or not. The most common uses for getting a pair is for protection for the user’s hands, added comfort and improved grip when holding the steering wheel, and protection for the steering wheel itself against sweaty palms and oily skin.

Are leather gloves good for driving? Do driving gloves make a difference? The answer to these questions mainly depend on the driver’s preferences. But if the reasons mentioned earlier in this paragraph do help a particular motorist gain a better driving experience, then yes, leather gloves are good for driving and they do make a difference for that person.

What is the right size for my hands?

Perhaps the perfect answer is to try them on before buying them. But for those who are ordering a pair, they don’t always have this luxury. Still, you can work around this tricky situation by simply measuring the size of your hand using a tape measure.

It’s quite possible that your dominant hand may sport longer and bigger fingers, so it’s best to make an allowance for that. Also, you might want to consider carefully if you want lightweight driving gloves or if you prefer thick variants.

Are driving gloves washable?

They usually are, but maybe the more pressing concern is how to go about cleaning them properly. Just like most clothes, driving gloves typically come with their own washing or laundry instructions. To be safe, always check the packaging or the gloves themselves (look for the inside label) for indications regarding care and maintenance.

Do driving gloves come with waterproof versions?

Yes, they do! As a matter of fact, most driving gloves that are made of newer material compared to leather are usually waterproof. For those who prefer some old-school leather, just remember that gloves of this kind will last longer if kept dry, or dried properly whenever they get wet. Besides, nobody wants to put on gloves damp on the inside.

What are the best driving gloves that are touchscreen compatible?

As we have mentioned earlier, if you expect to be busy using touchscreen devices while you’re driving, choosing a fingerless type is always the best option. This design allows your fingertips to have full and direct contact with any touch screen interface, basically giving you complete sensory capacity and interaction.

If you want to be able to use touch screen devices while making sure your entire hand is covered, then you might need to do a little research. Some driving gloves are designed with special material that grant some level of sensory capacity even when covering the fingertips.

It is worth mentioning though that some users have adapted quite well even when the usual leather gloves when using their touch screens, given enough time and practice.

What Are The Best Driving Gloves?

Pratt & Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves

What better way to start things off than with a classic leather design. Pratt & Hart takes pride in using genuine leather in its best mens driving gloves. Apart from the inherent quality that derives from the material, the fine grain leather feels soft even from the outset. In other words,  it will take no time for the leather to get used to your palm or fingers’ specific contour.

On top of that, the softness of Pratt & Hart’s Traditional Leather Driving Gloves offers a fair level of compatibility when it comes to touch screen interaction. There’s no substitution for real fingertips, of course, but these gloves acquit themselves well.

Plus, with its knuckle cut outs, these gloves allow for better flexibility. For good measure, the presence of the snap closure on the wrist cuff and stretchable wrist should help immensely in keeping the leather surface relatively wrinkle-free over time. Even at around $30, these gloves are worth every dollar and a good investment in the long run.

KUYOMENS Men’s Half Finger Genuine Leather Gloves

These driving gloves marry the reliability of genuine leather with some punk aesthetics. Indeed, the knuckles come replete with studs that perfectly complement the half-finger design, quite ideal for folks who want to show the rest of the world that they mean serious business (via their driving gloves, that is).

Take note though that the use of leather material is not strictly exclusive, with some parts strategically employing polyester material, which adds both flexibility and stability to the overall design. Also, the material combination allows the product to be more affordable (less than $10), at least when compared to other all-leather types.

The design also features a pair of velcro straps, with one that runs across the back of the palm. Far from just looking rad, the straps allow for better comfort and security.

Budget-friendly and bad-ass, the Kuyomens half finger driving gloves exudes more attitude than elegance, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially for certain users who prefer heavy metal over high chic.

Riparo Genuine Leather Full-Finger Driving Gloves

Those who want complete hand protection without sacrificing comfort can do no wrong with Riparo’s genuine leather full-finger driving gloves. The full-finger design is definitely a plus when it comes to protecting your palm and fingers from extreme heat or cold, undesirable weather, or natural elements (dirt, water, fire).

These mens driving gloves also happen to be manufactured using a special reverse stitch for added toughness. But as mentioned earlier, the durability is combined cleverly with a level of softness, which lets users enjoy full protection with easy comfort.

Furthermore, those worried about flexibility need not fret – the knuckle cut out design ensures unimpeded mobility for the palm and fingers. While the 40-buck price may be a little high, it can be justified by the surplus of features and the combination of toughness and comfort.

RIVBOS Fingerless Driving Gloves

As far as modern fingerless driving gloves go, this offering from RIVBOS may be one of the most forward-thinking. It certainly shows in its extensive use of Nylon Lycra and cotton materials.

Why use that combination? For one, it guarantees a level of comfort that no genuine leather type will quite match. Moreover, the use of Nylon Lycra and cotton allows the driving gloves to breathe more, preventing your hands from sweating too much. The combo allows for better flexibility to, no matter the shape and contour of the palm and fingers.

And there’s more – the finger loops come quite handy when you want to remove the gloves quickly, the extra foam padding on the palm section offers cushion when you hold the steering wheel, and the presence of a velcro fastener allows added stability.

Priced around the $10 to $15 range, the RIVBOS fingerless driving gloves come in different color options, which is further proof that it wears its progressive un-leather branding proudly.

Jackets 4 Bikes Police Leather Driving Gloves

You think you can pull off biker-style driving gloves? Then you might want to check out the Jackets 4 Bikes Police leather driving gloves for men (which also can also be used as ladies driving gloves).

With its double stitch design, you can expect a level of toughness that should stand the test of time. However, the comfortable aniline leather material provides a perfect balance against the durable construction.

Apart from its interesting soft-and-tough dynamic, these gloves also come with knuckle cut outs for improved flexibility, as well as a perforated design that should give your skin some needed ventilation. Stretchable panels In the interiors ensure some comfort, while the hook and loop mechanism guarantees that the gloves stay in place.

If you can spare $20, you should be able to get a pair of Jackets leather driving gloves, and then indulge your inner biker. And before we forget, this product’s unisex appeal also makes them one of the best womens driving gloves currently available.

ELMA Luxury Men’s Touch Screen Italian Driving Gloves

For a bit of Italian flavor when hitting the road with your favorite set of wheels, try the ELMA Luxury Men’s Touch Screen Italian driving gloves.

The name alone should give you a good idea of this product’s main features. True to its Italian theme, the gloves feature a liner that can be customized with cashmere, wool or even fleece. Obviously, the liner allows for better insulation, which is a plus especially when you’re driving in cold climates or winter weather.

What further sets ELMA’s offering apart is its touch screen compatibility. Other notable features that are worth mentioning include a palm section designed to be anti-slippery, a pop button fastener on the cuff, and an Italian Nappa outer.


Overall, the best gloves for driving may not be necessary for regular driving. But they can be beneficial for everyone, whether you drive an entry-level car or a luxury vehicle. These gloves can keep your hands warm or even protect you against the heat.

Not to mention, they provide extra grip and add style to your look while you are driving.  If you plan on getting one, make sure you opt for the best driving gloves available so you are purchasing a quality product.