The Best Football Gloves For Adults, Youth, and Kids

A good pair of gloves makes a receiver’s job much easier. No matter of the player’s skill level or age, football gloves are of utmost importance for his performance. The gloves do not only improve the game, but they also protect the receiver’s hands.

We have reviewed 15 gloves from top manufacturers, for adults, youth and kids who want to give their best on the football field. We have also added useful information on how to choose the best football gloves according to your needs. It’s quite challenging to find the right gloves for you when there are dozens of options out there, so we think that you will find this information very useful.

What are the best football gloves?

Let’s see which are the top 15 football gloves in our list.

Under Armour Boys’ F5 Football Gloves

The football gloves for kids come in various colors and sizes. These gloves come with the HeatGear tech which keeps the moisture inside the glove under control. The manufacturer also added the GrabTack palms for improved grip.

Under Armor Mens’ F5 Football Gloves

These lightweight gloves are perfect for those who play in skill positions. The manufacturer used HeatGear materials which will keep your hands dry and cool no matter how intense the game might be.

The palm is a single piece, seamless build, a trademark for all the gloves made by Under Armor. This is what makes these gloves very tight on the hands, just like a second skin.

Under Armour Spotlight Mens’ Football Gloves

Although on the upper side of the price range, these gloves are everything linemen want. The gloves are padded, super-breathable and made with a stretch weaved fabric that offers protection and versatility. The GrabTrack palms are very sticky, also offering you highly reliable ball control.

EliteTek RG-14 Youth and Adult Receiver Football Gloves

These gloves can be used by both youth and adults. These middle-ground gloves come with a great price and good quality. They are form fitting and have a sticky grip.

The EliteTek RG-14 does not have wrist straps, which means you will have to find the right size for you for a precise fit. You can check their size chart, but the best thing to do is try them on before buying them if you want a tight glove that is easy to pull on and off.

Most of those who tried these gloves said that they are the best football gloves for the price you pay.

EvoShield Evoflash Youth Receiver Football Gloves

This model is a very nice pair of budget football gloves which have passed all the NOCSAE requirements. They are made from neoprene, nylon, silicone and synthetic leather.

If you want some gloves that are lightweight, have grippy palms and nice ventilation on the fingers and back, then EvoShield Evoflash Youth Receiver Football Gloves are the ones for you.

Grip Boost Stealth Pro Youth and Adult Football Gloves

Among the best football gloves for receivers we can also include the Grip Boost Stealth Pro which can be used by youth and adults. The VISEGRIP technology used in these gloves can easily rival the one used by other top manufacturers but at a lower cost.

The gloves come in six colors and a great camo on the palm. They also come with a player tag, which is very nice if you do not want another teammate to take your gloves by accident. If you want to make them last longer, you should wash the palms with soap and cold water after each use.

Cutters Force Padded Football Glove

If you are a defensive player or a lineman, these gloves will suit you. They come with double wrist straps to prevent injuries and offer extra support, while the padding comes in to double the protection.

Cutters Gloves Rev Pro 2.0 Receiver Gloves

If you are wondering ‘What are the stickiest football gloves?’, we think that Cutters have given the answer. These gloves are extra sticky, so they are perfect for tight ends and receivers. The extreme grip is given by the perforated C-TACK palm, as well as the Rev Tack Recharge framework.

These gloves are lightweight, which means they do not have a lot of padding. But what makes them stand out is the C-Tack material which was integrated into the glove and not just placed over the inner material as can be seen at other football gloves.

The material was also used on the palms so that you can perform at a top level. You can wash the gloves in the washing machine or just wipe the palms with a wet cloth to restore the grip.

Adidas Scorch Destroyer Full Finger Lineman’s Gloves

These gloves have been specifically designed for linemen. They are well padded and come with injection molded jam pad which protects your hands by absorbing the impact. Although you might think that these gloves might be too stiff, the padding is placed in such a way that won’t interfere with the flexibility in the fingers.

Adidas Youth TechFit Lineman Football Gloves

You already know that this company makes top quality football gear, among which lineman gloves. The TechFit line is the most known among football players.

The gloves come with jam pad placed on the base of the palm. On the back of the hand the manufacturer placed molded sectional padding for extra protection. The gloves also feature the brand’s sticky Grip Tack technology for a top-notch grip.

Adidas TechFit Half Finger Football Lineman Gloves

Adidas makes our list again, this time with the TechFit Half Finger Football Lineman Gloves. There are some lineman who prefer to trade extra protection for the full flexibility and tactility boost offered by half finger gloves.

You can be sure that you will have to endure a scratch or two, but if you want to be able to hold on to a jersey until backup gets there, these gloves are for you.

Adidas Men’s Freak Max Football Lineman Gloves

Another great option from Adidas is the Freak Max Football Lineman Gloves. These gloves have thick padding to offer the needed protection for linemen. On the base of the palm you can see a jam pad, and on the fingers and back of the hand the padding is molded into small sections.

These gloves will last for a long time thanks to the extra quality elastic wrist closure and synthetic leather.

Battle Ultra Stick Receiver Gloves

These gloves are not only very comfortable but also have an extra sticky grip for the perfect catch. They have a fair price, good quality and come with a 90-day warranty on durability. You can rest assured that these gloves will last you the entire season.

Nike Men’s Adult Vapor Jet Lightspeed Football Gloves

If you want football gloves that will keep your hands cool and dry, this model is what you are looking for. The reinforced structure and the breathable cross section make these gloves adaptable and lightweight.

The Magni-grip highlight makes the gloves very durable. You will have a tight grip due to the form-fitting structure, flex gussets and solid construction.

Constriction is limited and you will be able to open your hands completely because of the cloth tech that lets you do that.

Nike Men’s Super Bad 4.5 Football Lineman Gloves

Nike is associated with premium products and the D-Track 5 Football Lineman Gloves do not disappoint. These well-padded gloves and the hydragrip palms will help you do your best on the field.

What makes this model stand out is wrist strap which is wide and adjustable, providing extra protection against possible wrist injuries.

What is the difference between receiver and lineman gloves?

What are the best football gloves for wide receiver? But which are the best ones for lineman? These are normal questions for any football player who wants to buy the best gloves according to his needs.

When you choose football gloves, you want to main things: ball control and protection. But to choose the best ones for you, you have to think about which position you play.

A receiver will need sticky palms to catch the ball, while a lineman will need thick padding for protection. You have to know how to make the difference between skill and muscle positions.

Let’s analyze them in a little more detail.

Skill Positions

Skill positions are running back and receivers. They need gloves to help them keep ball control and prevent fumbles and dropped passes. For them the best gloves must be form-fitting, light and breathable.

Many manufacturers create gloves specifically for receivers and running back. Such is the Cutters Glove REV Pro Receivers Glove which has sticky C Tack material that is integrated into the construction of the glove to make it like a football magnet.

Such gloves must have very sticky palms, form-fitting design, flexibility, light padding, fingers also covered in sticky material, minimalist design and breathability.

Muscle positions

For the muscle or defensive positions, such as lineman and linebackers, a different type of glove is needed. Lineman are located on the frontline and have to continuously battle for position dominance taking some serious hits during the game.

That is why they need a different type of glove made from a more durable and thicker material. This will make the glove last for longer and protect the fingers and hands from injury. Although a rigid construction works the best to protect the hands from hyperextension, many players choose the half glove for better flexibility of their fingers.

The gloves for the muscle positions must have thick padding for protection, no sticky material in their construction, must be heavier and made of heavy-duty materials. Because of all these features, this type of glove is more expensive than the one for skill positions.


What is so special about receiver football gloves?

For a receiver, the gloves are an essential part of their gear. It will be a real challenge for you to find a single receiver in the NFL that does not wear gloves on the field. But let’s see what makes these gloves so special.

Sticky material

The main purpose of these gloves is to offer exceptional grip when the receiver tries to make the catch. There are various materials used for this purpose: some have silicone patches placed on the palm, others have rubber textures and others have compound substances incorporated in the palms to make the tacky.


The glove should not be too cold or too warm. These gloves should keep your hands warm in cold weather and cool when it’s hot outside. That is why the perfect gloves have climate control tech.

Such a model is the UnderArmour’s HeatGear gloves which keep your hands at the optimal temperature and humidity. Although thinner gloves will not protect your hands too much in the cold, choosing thicker ones might interfere with the hands’ freedom and flexibility in controlling the ball.

Hand protection

Do football gloves really help?

A receiver must catch everything, or at least try to, everything that comes his way. That is why he will need a glove to protect the hands from potential injury. Receivers gloves do not have a lot of padding, because they must be lightweight. Despite this, they still protect from light hits, scrapes and cuts.

Benefits of receiver gloves

  • The top-quality ones can be washed in the washing machine and still remain sticky
  • They can keep the hands warm when it is cold outside
  • Lightweight to ensure top flex
  • Aid and improve the catching ability
  • Aid in grip reducing fumbles

How to choose the best football gloves?

Finding the best football gloves for you can be a bit challenging. But having the answers to some simple questions will help tremendously in your quest.

  • What is the position you have to play?
  • What is your ability level?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is the company’s size chart reliable?

With the answers to these questions you will know what features to look for at football gloves. Besides this you should pay attention to the size, padding, ventilation, style and durability of the gloves.


Finding the right size for your gloves is crucial. Although many manufacturers have size charts to help you in this aspect, they are not always to the point. The best thing to do is to go to the store and try them on, see how they fit. For a skill position player, having a loose glove can negatively affect the ball control. For a lineman, a form-fitting glove is also very important if they do not want their hand to slide around in the glove and lose the grip.


Padding is very important for linebackers and lineman as it helps them to use their hands aggressively without risking getting injured. Some cornerbacks and receivers also prefer padding, but in a minimalist glove.


As in any other sport, having your hands ventilated is very important, that is why some manufacturers use breathable materials placed along the back of the hand, while others prefer perforations made along the fingers.


No matter if you are on a budget or are willing to pay something extra for the gloves, why not choose a pair that also looks good? Maybe you want something to match your team’s colors or something to show your personality. No matter what you choose, the style should make you feel proud to wear those gloves.


Even if you are on a budget, you can still find gloves that will not last you for a few wears only. The main idea is to choose a brand that is renowned for creating top quality gear, such as Cutters which also offers a warranty of 90 days. They will also replace your gloves if they do not last for at least one season.


Finding the right football gloves for you takes time and patience. You can choose one of the gloves reviewed in this article or you can look on your own knowing what features to pay attention to.