Best Muay Thai Gloves

Every individual who practices Muay Thai wants to be good at the sport and in order to achieve that, you will need the best Muay Thai gloves to use as you perform the sport.

Whether you’re new at practicing Muay Thai or you’re a seasoned expert, you’ll need to have the right gloves to use for training. The only problem is, there are so many different Muay Thai gloves available in the market. How do you find one that does its job really well?

Best Muay Thai Gloves

#1 – Elite Sports Training Gloves
#2 – Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves
#3 – Title Pro Style Leather Training Gloves
#4 – Top King Boxing Gloves
#5 – Twins Special Premium Leather Boxing Gloves

What Gloves Should I Buy for Muay Thai?

As with any purchase, it’s normal to want to be able to make sound and the best decisions. This is because you will be spending money on a new pair of gloves. You need to be able to make a good purchase since these gloves do not come cheap. At the same time, you have to make sure that the gloves you purchase will not cause you injuries to your wrist.

You need to know what to look for in the right gloves so you can avoid injuries. In order to make a wise purchase, there are a few things you will need to consider:

What Size Muay Thai Gloves Do You Need?

The first thing you have to know about buying gloves for Muay Thai is the size you will be purchasing. This is because punching gloves are measured by weight and their general purpose. Glove sizes typically range from 8 to 18 oz. If you purchase heavier gloves, they will have thicker padding and better protection.

If you are only training, the normal size for gloves is between 12 to 14 oz. This is an acceptable range, as long as they fit right and are able to provide enough padding to protect you.

If you have a heavier weight, you can opt for a heavier pair of gloves with a weight of between 16 to 18 oz. There are even some people who train using heavy gloves. It can be good for conditioning but it might also cause your movements to be delayed. When this happens, you won’t be able to develop good techniques that can help you be a swift fighter.

Once you start progressing in the sport, however, you will be required to invest in heavier gloves between 14 to 18 oz. This is because the weight of these gloves will be able to offer you more padding and protection. At the same time, you’ll be able to avoid injuring your sparring partner since it minimizes impact.

But what size gloves are used in Muay Thai fights? The standard is 16 oz. For those who are under 140 lbs., 14 oz. gloves can be used instead.

best muay thai gloves

What Material Should Be Used?

Another factor you have to consider when you’re picking out gloves for Muay Thai is the material that it is made from. This is because Muay Thai is considered as a high impact sport. You will need to hit a lot of dense heavy bags and tough pads. When you are buying gloves, you will need them to last a long time. This is why you will need to use a durable pair of gloves that has good padding capable to withstand constant hits and punches.

When choosing material, the best option is genuine leather. It is usually more favored over stiffer synthetic leather. But throughout the years, manufacturers have been able to improve the quality of synthetic material. These have been capable of rivaling the top genuine leather brands.

You can also opt for microfiber leather if you want to stay away from real leather. This is an ethically-inclined option for those who prefer using animal-free synthetic material.

When it comes to material, the choice generally depends on your own preference. But one thing you should know about using synthetic leather if you have sweaty hands. Genuine leather is a breathable option for those with sweaty hands.

This is because synthetic leather tends to feel warmer to use when training for the sport. Your hands will tend to sweat more and have a tougher time to dry up, which could cause odor-causing bacteria to build up.

Should You Opt for Velcro or Lace-Up Gloves?

Another thing you have to consider when picking gloves is whether you will opt for lace-up or velcro (hook-and-loop) options. If you prefer a secure fit, you can go with lace-up gloves since these do not tend to shift easily when they are laced tightly.

The downside to this option, however, is that they usually require another person’s assistance to tighten up. If you are training at the gym, you might inconvenience another person. This is why there are those who opt for velcro gloves since these can be taken on/off by themselves.

How Much Do Gloves Cost?

In addition to these factors, you also have to consider how much you are willing to pay for your new gloves. The good news is that these gloves do not really cost a lot of money. You can easily find generic options that can be purchased at a sporting goods store. There are also pure leather gloves that have been made in Thailand that you can purchase between $50 and $100.

Are Muay Thai and Boxing Gloves the Same?

General training for Muay Thai typically involves a lot of padwork and bagwork. During such time, you can use either Boxing or Muay Thai gloves. Despite the fact that Boxing and Muay Thai use similar gloves, the two are very different from one another. The gloves used in each sport has a few differences:

  • Palm – One of the biggest differences between Muay Thai and Boxing gloves is the palm. This is because in boxing, the palm is used for parrying shots. In Muay Thai, however, fighters need to be able to grip during a clinch. They also need to be able to hold and catch kicks with their hands.
  • Thumb – The placement of the thumb in the gloves is also different in both sports. The thumb is kept close to the fist as possible in Boxing. This is done so that the thumb is protected from getting hit or injured.
  • Side Padding – Boxing gloves do not usually have any padding on the sides of the hands and have minimal padding all over the whole palm. This is different for Muay Thai gloves.
  • Cuff – Finally, the cuff is the other big difference between the two gloves. The difference, however, is barely noticeable but can be noticed in Velcro and lace-up gloves.

In a nutshell, gloves for Muay Thai have been constructed in a way that you can easily open your hands. Boxing gloves, on the other hand, have a more rigid construction to allow clinching. If you won’t need to do serious clinching, you can opt for gloves designed for Muay Thai.

What are the Best Muay Thai Gloves?

Nowadays, there are plenty of different gloves that you can purchase for Muay Thai training. These gloves come in a selection of budget, material, and color. Knowing what the best options are can truly help make your decision a lot more easier to make.

Here are the top brands to purchase for your next gloves:

Elite Sports Training Gloves

One of the things that make Elite Sports a great brand is the fact that they are an affordable option for any beginner. In addition to its price, these gloves contain mesh palm ventilation that includes its breathability. There is also an anti-microbial lining, which helps reduce the build-up of odor. The gloves also have a stretchable wrist wrap, ensuring a tight fit. Apart from offering gloves, they also sell a number of other training equipment.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Among the different brands selling gloves for Muay Thai, Fairtex is the brand that many professionals go to. It is even considered as the best-selling and most popular outside of Thailand. Part of its success can be attributed to its publicity campaign in the 90s. The other reason behind its success is how well it is made.

Fairtex gloves make use of real leather, making sure it can last years. Its padding is also made from high quality material with a streamlined design. This makes the gloves appear smaller and less like a pillow compared to other brands available. In addition to the material used, the gloves also come with more adequate protection, particularly in the knuckles.

This particular model comes with a number of designs and colors that’s sure to fit your interest.

Title Pro Style Leather Training Gloves

If you are looking for training gloves that come with genuine leather yet a reasonable price, the Title Pro Style Leather Training Gloves make a good deal. These gloves come with a firm padding, yet are able to hold up to the stress of using a punching bag. They also come with wide velcro straps that ensures a snug fit on the wrists.

Top King Boxing Gloves

Top King is another popular brand that can often be seen among Muay Thai practitioners is Top King. In terms of protection, it is comparable to the gloves offered by Twins. Interestingly, both brands are owned by a couple of brothers. The brand also makes use of cowhide leather, which results to a commendable fit.

A little note on Top King gloves is that the cuffs extend halfway up the forearms. Because of this, it provides very good support for the wrists. These gloves have a snug hand compartment that fits both small or medium-sized hands.

Twins Special Premium Leather Boxing Gloves

When it comes to gloves for boxing or Muay Thai, one of the most popular brands is Twins. The gloves created by Twins are made with premium cowhide leather that makes them suitable for just about any athlete.

The gloves are made with high quality and precision to help make sure they can give support for the wrists and protect the knuckles. The gloves come with great padding and helps in making sure you get the training you want.

Twins’ gloves are equipped with a slightly roomy hand compartment compared to the other gloves in the market. This feature makes it suitable for Western hands.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

In the entry-level market, Venum’s best-selling punching gloves is the Challenger. These gloves are made from synthetic leather but with really good quality.

The gloves are equipped with a firm padding, thick wide cuffs for a secure fastening, and amazing shock absorption. The gloves also include thermal-regulating mesh, which has improved its comfort and breathability.

After breaking in, these gloves are perfect for most average hand sizes. One of its attractive features is the fact that it does not cost a lot of money to purchase.

Yokkao Matrix Boxing Gloves

As a brand, Yokkao only started in 2010. Yet despite this short amount of time, the company has been able to make an impact in the market of boxing gloves. Among their most popular products is the Matrix Boxing Gloves, which come with the brand’s solid color line and an affordable price tag.

One thing to love about this brand is that its gloves suit the hands properly. It comes with a standard Thai-style padding with a well-distributed foam ensuring that the knuckles, wrists, and back of the hands are protected at all times.

The gloves also offer good wrist support with a lot of stability yet does not stop clinching. The gloves also feature a breathable, high-grade leather that will sure to last several years.


When you’re picking out a new pair of gloves to use in Muay Thai, you have to make sure you pick out a pair that provides enough support and protection. You also have to look for one that provides durability when you are training.

As for the fit, a good advice is to try on a few pairs so you can find one that fits you comfortably. This is the best way you can identify which brand works best for you.