Top Ski Mittens and Gloves For Women

If you are looking for the best ski gloves for women, we come to your help with several top options approved after rigorous testing on the ski slopes. We tested them in dry and warm climate, as well as wet and cold, we escalated walls using ice axes and we skated in negative temperatures on ice-over lakes. After pushing the limits of each of these gloves, we come before you with the best recommendations.

Which Are The Best Ski Gloves For Women?

Top Women’s Mitt

Outdoor Research Alti Mitt – Women’s

These mittens come with 340 grams of PrimaLoft Gold insulation in the liner and another 170 grams in the shell. The leather shell and Gore-Tex provide top water resistance and the hydrophobic insulation will keep your hands warm.

The shell is made of breathable materials and you can wear these mitts as shell or just a liner. This ventilation option will extend the use of the mitts through a wide range of climate and temperatures.

Although the mitt has almost the highest scores in protection and warmth, it disappoints in dexterity. Besides that, the price is also quite high. But taking into consideration that its features can hardly be matched by competition, it might be worth to pay the money.

What We Liked

  • Awesome warmth
  • Construction with double layers
  • Water resistant
  • Great features

What We Did Not Like

  • Poor dexterity
  • Big price
  • Big fit


Best Choice Price Wise

Gordini Gore-Tex Down III Women’s

Among the best womens ski gloves we also included this choice. If you want a glove with a great price and still offer top performance, this is the one for you. The price is low to mid-range and these gloves manage to completely crush it in the value category.

With the combination of leather and Gore-tex the glove offers undoubtful warmth and weather resistance. This model is also the warmest womens ski gloves we tested and the interior is plush and soft. You also do not have to worry about the dexterity, which is top-notch.

On the down side, the glove does not breathe to well, so this pair is more fitted for the days where you do not have to make much effort and sweat. Also, the gloves are not the most stylish out there, but this does not mean you cannot proudly wear them on the ski hill.

What We Liked

  • Very warm
  • Good finger dexterity
  • Water resistant
  • Solid construction
  • Good price

What We Did Not Like

  • Poor design
  • Lacks breathability


Best For Those On a Budget

Kinco Pigskin Leather

People at Kinco Pigskin have also thought about those who are on a budget but still want a good glove. Believe it or not, this cheap glove is a long-lived favorite for ski patrols, ski guides and ski bums. You just have to take care of them regularly and they will last you for years.

The leather offers sufficient warmth and also breathes well and thanks to the bigger fit you can also introduce a small liner if you need more warmth. This model is not as warmth as the other gloves we tested, and the leather might absorb water. Still, it is a good choice because of its on-par performance and low price.

So, if you want to pay the lowest price possible for a glove that still gets the job done, you can definitely pick these all-leather gloves.

What We Liked

  • Very cheap
  • Simple
  • Good dexterity
  • Solid leather construction

What We Did Not Like

  • The fingers get cold
  • Big fit
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Not very water resistant


Top Overall Ski Glove For Women

Arc’teryx Fission – Women’s

This is a unisex ski glove which stands out among competition thanks to its comfort and versatility both in the backcountry and at the ski resort. It offers the perfect balance of water resistance and warmth due to its GORE-TEX XCR waterproof insert.

It is both breathable and water resistant and insulation is ingeniously paced to allow for a nice warmth-dexterity balance. The gloves have long gauntlets so they can fit over your jacket and the one-pull adjustment system is perfect to quickly take off the glove and then put it back on.

The only drawbacks are the relative level of warmth and the price which is quite high. These gloves are the most expensive in our list and many people would not be willing to cash that much on some gloves. So, if you are low on cash, you might want to choose another model.

Although durability is perfect and the warmth decent, we cannot recommend this glove for very cold winter days. They are still perfect for ski resorts and in most winter days, as it wicks away sweat, offer good dexterity and keep you warm.

What We Liked

  • Low weight
  • Fingers have mobility
  • Breathable
  • Warm

What We Did Not Like

  • High price
  • Unisex sizing


Best Choice For Backcountry Adventures

Outdoor Research Arete – Women’s

Although we said that these gloves are the best for backcountry adventures, they can also be used for skiing without any problem. The gloves will keep your hands warm and dry thanks to the ultra water-resistant properties.

The glove has a protective, breathable Gore-Tex shell and a liner that is very lightweight, breathable and water-resistant. Because the glove has a thin construction, it is also very flexible.

On the downside, the glove is not very warm, so it would not be a good choice for you if you want ample warmth. Choose it if you want protection and dexterity for aerobic winter activities.

What We Liked

  • Long gauntlet to fit over the jacket
  • Great features
  • Good price
  • Versatility
  • Breathability

What We Did Not Like

  • Not warm enough
  • Not very durable
  • Snug fit

How We Tested The Gloves

We spent evenings and weekends backcountry skiing or at resorts in the mountains and we even did some ice climbing. We know how important gloves are and how they complete any skiing gear.

We paid attention to many features, such as weather protection and warmth, because buckling your helmet or zipping up the jacket with frozen fingers is worthless. We also wanted dexterity and good insulation so you can keep the gloves on to perform various activities.

So here is what you should pay attention to when choosing the best womens ski gloves.


Breathability and Warmth

Skiing requires a mitt or glove to keep your hands warm and dry no matter if you are staying in the chairlift or working up a sweat on the slope. A good glove will not only offer top-quality insulation, but it will also wick away moisture and sweat and stay warm when wet. This is the secret to keeping your hands warm when the temperatures plummet.

For our tests, we took the gloves and mittens to several resorts, skied and hiked uphill for several hours in conditions ranging from sunny and warm to blistery and cold. When we analyzed the breathability and warmth we also took into consideration the anatomy of the gloves, the points of ventilation and the insulative features.

We also paid attention at how well the liners managed to wick away sweat and if the hands stayed dried and warm all day long. We also put the gloves into the freezer and then measured temperature change to see which ones are the warmest.

Water Resistance

Water resistance and warmth go hand in hand. If the gloves will get wet after a few hours, so will your hands. It is important to choose a mitt or glove that protects from elements and wicks away moisture from the inside.

We tested the gloves by skiing, snowboarding, digging snow pits and making snow angels, all in sub-zero degrees, both in dry and wet climates. The gloves that performed the best when it comes to water resistance were the ones with Gore-Tex outers and inserts.

Leather did well too, but after a few hours, they started absorbing water. It did not keep the hands as dry as the gloves with Gore-tex. On the last place, we put the gloves made of polyesters and synthetic materials.

When it comes to nasty, cold weather you want to have a pair of gloves with Gore-Tex construction and inserts. That is why the Outdoor Research Arete, Outdoor Research Alti Mitt, Arc’teryx Fission Glove and Dakine Tundra Mitt are our favorites. The inserts will keep your hands dry, but at the same time reducing bulk and maintaining breathability.

They manage to do this thanks to the porous and semi-permeable membrane designed to allow water and sweat to vapor out, without letting water and moisture in. All these gloves can wick moisture the entire day without absorbing to much water.  Besides that, these gloves do not leak, thanks to the stiff Gore-Tex shell in the case of the Outdoor Research Arete model and the Gore-Tex XCR textile for the Arc’teryx Fission model. The second option is more dexterous and comfortable.

The difference is in the materials used for the palms. The Arete has the Alpen Grip Synthetic material which is less durable, while the Fission has the bomber leather palm which resists to hours of heavy abrasion.

If you want to go for a water-resistant mitten, we would recommend the OR Alti Mitt or the Dakine Tundra. The first option comes with two layers providing water resistance. The outer shell being made of a Gore-Tex outer, known to be super water-proof and the inner glove also having a water-resistant shell which is both weather resistant and breathable. The second one managed to hold the least water amount and our hands were warm even in the coldest days in the resort.

If you are going to ski in a dry climate, leather gloves are the best option.  Even full leather gloves will start to absorb moisture after several hours on a wet day. So if you want a glove or mitt for skiing that will offer the best water resistance in both dry and wet climates, you should go for the OR Alti Mitt or the Arc’teryx Fission Glove.



When you are skiing, another thing that you want is dexterity. You want to be able to perform simple tasks with your gloves on, to keep your hands warm.

To test the gloves we performed various simple tasks such as tying bows with our shoelaces, clipping buckles and pulling skins. Of course, gloves offer more dexterity compared to mitts because you can use your fingers.

The thickness of the glove is also important. The thicker the glove, the less dexterity you have. The fit is also to be taken into consideration. If the glove is too small or too large it will not allow you to move your fingers effectively. For a woman, a slimmer fit and a female-specific glove construction will provide more dexterity compared to a glove with a wider fit.

From all the gloves options we have tested we found that the Arc’teryx Fission Glove offers the most dexterity. The insulation in this glove is not very bulky on the palm and fingers so you can feel the objects and do fine tasks. Another good option is the Outdoor Research Arete. Because it has almost no finger insulation it provides great dexterity, but still less compared to the Fission because of the thick outer Gore-Tex shell.


Women’s sky gloves come with a variety of features to make them more comfortable and versatile. Take a look at the following features, maybe you will want some of them to come with your new gloves.

Google and nose wipe

Some gloves come with a softer material attached on the thumb to either wipe your nose or your goggles. This can really come in handy when you do not want to take your gloves off to repeatedly wipe your nose.

The gloves that come with a nose wipe insertion are the Outdoor Research Arete, the BD Guide, the Gordini Gore-Tex Down III and the Burton Gore-Tex.


If you do not want to lose a glove while you are in the ski lift, leashes is the solution. You attach them to your wrist, and you will not have to worry that you will lose a glove again

All the gloves we presented in this article have this option except for the Gordini Gore-Tex Down III.

Removable Liners

Removable liners are a great option for a glove. You can take them out to make the gloves adaptable to various conditions, for example, if you want to be more aerobic while skiing. Or maybe you want to replace them for thinner or thicker options.

The gloves that have a removable liner in this article are the Outdoor Research Arete and the Outdoor Research Alti Mitt. The second option has a water-resistant liner, which is also the warmest among the gloves we have tested.

Carabiner Loops

The carabiner loops come attached to the finger so you can connect the gloves to the harness while keeping the ice and snow outside of the glove.

The gloves with carabiner loops are the Outdoor Research Arete, the Black Diamond Guide and the Arc’teryx Fission Glove.

Touch Screen Compatible

Some gloves are touch screen compatible so you can answer your phone or text without having to take them off.

Handwarmer Pocket

If you know that your hands get very cold, you should choose gloves that come with a handwarmer pocket. This is a small zippered pocket or pouch in which you can put a hand-warmer for freezing cold days.

The gloves that include a handwarmer pocket are the Gordini Gore-Tex Down III.

Durability and Construction

You do not want to pay a lot of money on gloves that will fall apart after one season. Each of the models we have tested has endured more than 60 hours of extreme use in dry and warm climates. We have also washed the liners to see if they bounced back or not, to see which would lose warmth.

We concluded that gloves with goatskin leather outers exceeded in durability compared to those with hair sheep leather or Nubuck.

That is why the Outdoor Research Arete, which has reinforced synthetics, are the least durable, with wear and scratches seen after we used them once or twice. The Arc’teryx Fission Glove has the most durable outer and then the Black Diamond Guide.

We also paid attention to the construction and stitching patterns of the gloves and saw that the Arc’teryx Fission have leak-resistant, well-crafted seams.


From all the mittens we have tested, the Outdoor Research Alti Mitten impressed us as being the warmest option, thanks to the 300 grams of insulation that can handle 8000-meter peaks. This mitt provides better adaptability thanks to its two-glove construction and the good quality removable liner.

If we wanted to vent the heat, but still wanted our hands somehow protected, we just pulled the shell off and simply wore the liner.


If you want the warmest gloves from the ones we tested, the Gordini Gore-Tex Down III is what you are looking for. Although it is a single liner glove, it comes with 600 -pile goose-down which will keep you warm even in subzero-degree weather.

These gloves have on the back of the hand a higher density fill and less on the palm to offer better dexterity. Besides the material warmth, these gloves also manage to thermoregulates well. The hands are kept dry with the polyester fleece liner that wicks moisture well and retains heat.

As an option, you can also insert a hand warmer in the specially designed zippered pocket. This model is the one you need if you want a glove that is both warm and affordable.

Another good option is the Black Diamond Guide with Primaloft Insulation of 170 grams, which is placed around the cuff and the back of the hand.

Types of Insulation


Some manufacturers remained faithful to the time-tested quality of wool but combined with new technology they managed to make it more comfortable and smoother. Although wool is not waterproof, it manages to insulate the hands and keep them warm even if they are wet. So if you ski in a wet climate or usually get snow in your gloves, this would be a great choice for you.

PrimaLoft and Polartec

Both Polartec and PrimaLoft are synthetic insulations. The first one is a thick fleece and the second is a puffy style of insulation. Both of them make the gloves warm and add loft, which can be lost as the fibers can get crushed in time. This means that after some time the gloves will not be as warm as they were in the beginning.

The Arc’teryx Fission gloves have PrimaLoft insulation which varies in quality depending on where it is placed on the glove for better warmth and dexterity. It has thin insulation on the palm and thicker one on the back of the hand.

Down feathers

Down feathers are another good option as insulation. In our tests, it proved to be lofty, super warm and to offer more heat compared to synthetic insulations.

From the gloves we have tested the Gordini Gore-Tex Down III is an amazingly warm glove that provides both warmth and dexterity.


Value is given by the performance and price. We have already presented a few options for those who want a good pair of gloves on a budget.

The best option in this category is the Gordini Gore-Tex Down III which can be placed in the mid-range price-wise and still come with high-end performance.


How To Know which Ski Glove Is For You

Now that you know what a good ski glove or mitt should have, the question is, how do you know which ones are for you? There are some things to consider and some questions to ask yourself that will help you make a good choice.

Do your hands get cold easily in winter?

If you know that your hands get cold very fast and stay that way for a long time, then you should prioritize warmth. If you do not need dexterity that much, a mitten would be a perfect option for you. It keeps your finger together generating more warmth and therefore more comfort.

What are you doing the most when using the ski gloves?

Ask yourself if you will be riding mountains or lifts? Because each of this situation requires a different performance from the ski gloves. So think what you are going to use your gloves for.

If it is ski lifts at the resort, then you need a glove with superior warmth. Another important feature is breathability, especially on warm days. A super-warm mitt is the Outdoor Research Alti Mitt, which comes with 340 grams of insulation and a two-layer construction. The Gordini Gore-Tex Down III is another great option that should be on your list.

If you are doing backcountry skiing, then you have to be ready to sweat. You will need a glove that is waterproof, extremely breathable and which provides good dexterity to switch off various settings and take off skins.

The Outdoor Research Arete is a water-resistant, double-layered glove which is ready for that hard skiing you are up to. If you think a single glove construction is better for you, then look at the Arc’teryx Fission Glove which perfectly balances breathability and warmth.

How much dexterity do you need?

Dexterity is important for a ski glove. you need to be able to do various activities without having to take off the gloves and expose your hands to cold each time you want to zip up your jacket. When you try on ski gloves try picking your car keys or a pen from the table. If you struggle or the object slips out of your fingers then you should look for a glove with less insulation, a better fit or a gloved-construct.

Do you want a fully loaded ski mitt or glove?

A ski glove is like a car. We all want all the possible features, but do we really need them? The extra options will make you ski day better by addiction function to your hands. When you look for the next ski gloves you want to buy, think what you want to have extra from the current ones you have and what you really need.

Do you plan to crash your ski gloves?

If you really love skiing and you will wear the gloves every day in the winter season, then you should be ready to invest in a pair that is incredibly durable. Although the sticker shock will be more than what you have paid before, think that you will have these gloves for several years. You don’t want a glove that falls apart mid-season, or worse, after several days.

If you want a really durable glove, you should look for those that have three-layer GORE-TEX waterproof materials or that are loaded with goatskin leather.

One of these options is the Arc’teryx Fission, which, although has a high price tag, it is the most durable and best-crafted glove from the ones we have tested.

There are many affordable ski gloves out there but think if you want to buy new ones mid-season or every winter or if you want to have them for the years to come.


If you are looking for a pair of gloves for this ski season it is important to find those that work for you. A good glove should offer protection from the cold and humidity, dexterity, warmth and durability. Besides these, it is up to you what extra options you want to have to make them more versatile. Take into consideration our reviews and you already have a great head start.