Best Ski Mittens

Skiing means a lot of fun in beautiful winter scenery. But if your hands get wet and cold, it is not that fun anymore.

By choosing the best ski mittens for you, your hands will be warm and cozy and you will be able to focus on your skiing moves.

The purpose of the ski mittens is not only to keep your hands warm while you are skiing but also when you have to sit or stand still on the cold, metal lifts. If your hands are frozen you cannot grip the poles, put on or take off your skis or zip up your jacket.

So instead of constantly going inside to get some warmth every time your hands are frozen, why not buy the best ski mittens and have a great time skiing?

Best Ski Mittens

With so many ski mitts choices out there, it can be tough to know which ones to choose. We have created a list with the ones that we tested and liked how they performed in various weather conditions.


Black Diamond Mercury Mitts

These are the warmest ski mittens from the tests we have done. This is because they come with thick wool inserted between the removable lining and Primaloft insulation. You can rest assured that your hands will be warm even in freezing cold temperatures.

The Black Diamond Mitts are also durable thanks to the goatskin lining and the pretext shield keeps moisture away. They are also waterproof, so your hands will be protected from rain and snow.

Because these mitts are so warm, your hands might sweat. Another drawback is the fact that due to that amount of insulation, the mitts are not that flexible. Also, they are not touchscreen compatible.

Burton Gore Tex Ski Mittens

If you are not a professional skier and do not spend the entire winter season on the ski slope, then these mittens are for you. They have been designed for those who ski several multiple times each year, in mild temperatures.

That is why they are not expensive at all and if you do not get them wet and stay in temperatures that are not below freezing, your hands will stay dry and cozy.

If you need more warmth, they have a zipped pocket to insert a warmer if you need to. The mitts come with Thermacore insulation which should be enough to stay warm and offer the flexibility that you need while skiing.

Dakine Titan Ski Mittens

We can say that these are the best mens ski mittens that we have tried. Thanks to the exterior cover with 100% insulation, they are among the warmest mitts. They are also waterproof and come with a stretch lining that can be removed which really comes in handy in colder weather.

They come in four various sizes, with almost a perfect expected fit. The additional layer of waterproofing and warmth is given by the Gore-Tex insert.

Columbia Bugaboo Skiing Mittens

If you are looking for a pair of mittens that are both waterproof and breathable, this is the model you were looking for. They come with a palm grip made of synthetic materials and are also very durable.

These mittens fit as a glove and will keep your hands warm even when it is very cold outside thanks to the Omni Thermal insulation. What makes them stand out among the competition is that they can adapt themselves to your body temperature.

The price is reasonable, but the drawback is that they are made only for men.

Outdoor Research Heated Mittens

These heated ski mittens have been designed with the ALTI heat. They are working with a battery that can be recharged and heating technology that will keep your hands cozy even in freezing cold.

They also have Gore-Tex that can be inserted and EnduraLoft insulation which means the mittens are also waterproof, extremely warm and provide protection against snow and rain.

The Outdoor Research Mittens come with lifetime guarantee and they are unisex. Even if you choose not to use the batteries, you will still have an excellent pair of mitts to keep your hands warm.

On the downside, these mittens are not interchangeable and they come with a high price.

Gordini GTX Storm Trooper Mittens

This is another great pair of mittens for those who ski from time to time and so not want to pay a lot for them. They are very warm for this price and also waterproof and durable.

They are comfortable thanks to the soft interior and thanks to the heater pack pocket you can add extra warmth for the very cold days.

On the downside, the liner cannot be removed and they are not touchscreen compatible.

Hestra Morrison Pro Mittens

In our opinion, these are the best women’s ski mittens. Not because their name comes from the famous skier Seth Morrison, but because the construction is incredibly sturdy. They offer you amazing dexterity and movement and are made with top quality leather. They are waterproof and windproof, so your hands will be cozy and warm.

On the downside, they are pricey, not touchscreen compatible and the leather needs maintenance.

Outdoor Research Meteor Ski Mittens

If you plan to sky in wet, cold and heavy conditions, these Meteor Mittens from Outdoor Research are what you need. They come with Gore-Tex inserts and longlasting nylon shell.

These mittens are comfortable and lightweight and come at a fair price. The thin liner glove is removable, and they are completely waterproof.

On the downside, they are tight around the wrists, they do not offer as much warmth as other mittens and are not adjustable.

Hestra Heli Mitt

These amazing mitts look great, fit perfectly and keep your hands warm in blistering cold. They have a double-layer design, so you can choose to use only the liner or the shell if you want.

You also have extra space to include another liner for more warmth. You can sky as much as you want without fearing that snow will enter your mitt. The best part is that all these come at a reasonable price.

On the downside, these mittens are not completely waterproof.

Arc’teryx Fission

The Arc’teryx Fissionare another great pair of ski mittens for women. They perfectly bring together water resistance and warmth, thanks to the Gore-Tex inserts that are waterproof.

The PrimaLoft Gold insulation is included both in the palms and the fingers, to provide more warmth but also dexterity. They are also easily adjustable.

On the downside, they have a high end price tag.


Do you need ski gloves or mittens?

Both gloves and mittens come with their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take them one by one and see which would best fit your needs.

Ski gloves

The gloves have their fingers separate, which means that you will have more flexibility and you will be able to better hold on to your poles. They also allow you to do various other tasks without removing the gloves, such as zipping up your jacket or getting a ski pass out of the pocket.

Ski mittens

Mittens keep your fingers together, which means that they will stay warm and cozy. So, if you know that your hands get cold easily, and you can strike off dexterity, then mittens are the choice for you.

How to keep your ski mitts warm?

Your mittens are perfect at keeping you warm, but you might still need to do some improvements. When it is freezing cold and you have to spend a lot of time in the lift, your hands can still get cold.

There are some tricks on how to keep your hands away from the cold.

  • Buy hand warmers and insert them in your jacket pocket so you can easily access them if you get cold or put them inside the gloves and you will have that extra warmth that you look for.
  • No matter how waterproof your mittens are, they might still get wet in heavy rain or snow. If this happens, your hands will get cold. What you can do is put the mittens under a hand dryer in the bathroom, to quickly dry them.

Choose the right ski outfit

Skiing can be a fun, exciting and challenging sport, as long as you’ve got the right stuff. You will need high-quality ski mitts, ski boots that fit perfectly to avoid pain and feet freezing and the right skis depending on your level.

Also, you have to dress accordingly, so that you do not get too cold, too wet or too hot. Having the right, gloves, socks and ski suit, will ensure that you will have a great time on the ski slopes.