Best Snowboard Gloves Review

Snowboarding has its rightful place among the awesome adventure mountain sports and those who can’t wait for the winter season to start so they can get on their boards, perfectly understand what we mean.

But no matter how fun and exciting the sport is, without the best snowboard gloves, things can quickly turn into a nightmare. With the right pair of gloves for snowboarding, you will have an amazing time on the slopes no matter how harsh the weather might get.

Which Are The Best Gloves For Snowboarding?

We have selected several of the best gloves for snowboarding from top brands out there. If you still do not think that any of these are right for you, we have also added some useful info on how to choose the gloves for you.

Burton Gore-Tex Snowboarding Gloves

Burton has already made a name in the world of snowboarding gear so it’s no surprise that their gloves have their place in this list.

This model has a removable liner, which is very useful, especially after you have spent several hours snowboarding or when you have a multi-day trip. You just take out the liner, let it dry and you are good to go. The last thing you want in winter is cold and wet gloves.

The touchscreen sensitive fingers are a nice touch for those who need their phones and smart devices on the slope. They also have thick insulation and handwarmer pocket which means your hands will stay warm and cozy while you have fun snowboarding.

On the downside, the cuff could have been longer, but these gloves are still perfect for mid-winter snowboarding.

Arc’teryx Alpha FL Glove

The company is famous for its top-quality gear but also their high price tags. These Gore-Tex, leather gloves are breathable, waterproof and will offer you the quality you need in some gloves that will last for a long time.

The removable insulation is Polartec Wind Pro, one of the best out there. The fingers are articulated and touchscreen compatible so you can use your phone to text or take a picture without getting your hands frozen.

The cuff could have been longer to keep the snow out, but this is just a minor downside.

If you want a high-end product that is waterproof, super warm, and flexible, you should definitely try the Arc’teryx Alpha FL Glove.

Outdoor Research Alti Snowboard Gloves

These gloves come with a double defense to keep snow away and an elastic cuff that will perfectly secure the glove keeping in the warmth. The non-slip grip will make it so much easier to use your phone or hold the trail map.

The long bell cuff has a drawstring that comes in handy and the articulated fingers would be better for skiers, but they are a nice feature for snowboarding too. The gloves are breathable, waterproof, warm and they offer everything you need for all-winter snowboarding use.

Black Diamond Men’s Guide Gloves

This brand has top quality gear for backcountry skiing, climbing and winter sports. These leather gloves are among the best snowboard gloves. They come with thick removable insulation, and they are breathable and waterproof.

These gloves will last for a long time, being durable and sturdy. The manufacturer used goatskin leather for the palms and added some padding in the knuckles area for extra protection. These gloves are perfect for snowboarding but also for other winter sports that demand top-performance gear.

Gordini Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves

You will see the Gordini brand quite a lot on the slopes, especially when it comes to gloves. This model comes with a Gore-Tex membrane which makes them completely waterproof, but still breathable.

These gloves are for the one who wants an effective, simple and efficient glove, but nothing fancy. For a good price you get leather palms, fully adjustable cuff and waterproofness. For under 50$, these gloves offer much more than you’d expect.

Hestra Army Leather Heli 3 Finger Glove

This company is among the best manufacturers of snowboarding mitts and gloves on the market. This particular model is a lobster mitt which keeps three fingers together, while the thumb and finger have their own pockets. The lobster mitt offers the perfect balance between dexterity and warmth.

The gloves come with an inner liner that can be removed and the palms are made from goatskin leather which is very flexible and soft. This means that it will be very easy to grip almost anything and even zip your jacket with the gloves on. On the downside, the leather has to be treated occasionally to keep its flexibility and softness.

The Hestra Army Leather Heli 3 Finger Glove is not waterproof so it would be better to use it in dry conditions or use SnoSeal to help them keep water out. But if you want some of the warmest gloves out there, then this model won’t disappoint.

Dakine Men’s Titan Snowboard Gloves

This waterproof, comfortable glove comes with a Gore-Tex inner liner that is breathable and a polyester shell that has been DWR treated. This means that you have a durable and reliable glove that will hold for the entire season.

The long cuff is perfect for keeping the snow from entering the glove and you also have a hand warmer pocket in case you need some extra heat. We can easily include this model among the best gloves for snowboarding under 100$.

How Can You Find The Best Snowboard Gloves?

If none of the presented gloves suits your style and needs, you can look for the perfect gloves for you on your own. We will help you with some useful information on what to pay attention to, to make sure you make the best choice.


Usually, snowboard gloves have the insulation rated depending on temperatures or grams. No matter what the rating might be you should know that these are not very reliable. For example, temperature ratings are not the same among all brands and the weight ratings can differ depending on how the glove was manufactured. But, all in all, both options are a decent indicator of warmth.


The weather you plane to use the gloves in, plays an important role. Gloves have different features and buying the warmest one is not always a good thing. Think of what weather and temperature you will need the glove for.

For spring snowboarding, you will need a breathable, thin glove, which also has to be waterproof in case of a wet could burst.

For mid-winter snowboarding, you will need a warm and thick glove, that is not necessarily waterproof. It is very rare to encounter in mid-winter warm wet temperatures.

There are also gloves that can be used on any weather and who bring together all of the above features.


If you like to push your limits and board hard, then your body will generate lots of heat. In this case you can choose thinner glove, that will give you flexibility and let your hands breathe.

If you are a beginner or just want to enjoy a casual day with family and friends, you can go for a thicker glove because your body will not produce enough heat to keep your hands warm. This means that you will need gloves with thicker insulation.

Straps and power gaiters

Year after year snowboarding gloves become more and more complicated, with extra elastic cords and straps added. Some are crucial, while others are purely for design.

A glove with a powder skirt and long cuff will help you if you do off-trail snowboarding because it will keep snow out. An extra-long cuff which you can put over your jacket would be perfect.

Retainer straps are also useful if you want to keep the glove attached to your jacket or secured around the wrist. This way you will not lose them and also you will not need to put them in the pocket when you take them off to wipe your nose, take out your pass or zip your jacket.


Waterproofness is important if you are going to spend a lot of time in the snow. And thanks to technology advancements you can now find a waterproof breathable glove at an affordable price thanks to cheaper alternatives to Gore-Tex.

For example, you can choose eVent, a waterproofing material that is frequently used to manufacture outdoor clothing.

Removable liners

Removable liners are one of the best ideas when it comes to snowboarding gloves. You just take the liner out, let it dry overnight and you have a dry and warm glove the next day. Or you can simply use only the liner or only the shell if you want a thinner glove. The removable liners improve the glove’s versatility.

Handwarmer pocket

If you know that your hands get very cold in the winter, you can top the heat offered by your glove with a handwarmer that you just add to the glove’s pocket. This is a great option for kids too.


How do I make my leather gloves last for longer?

If you have gloves made from real leather then you have a reliable, long-lasting and durable pair of gloves. But, without any doubt, they will get destroyed after rough use. This happens because usually, manufacturers choose a thinner, more elastic leather to keep the glove flexible and easy to use. A thicker leather would make the glove too stiff, affecting dexterity.

But there are a few tricks that you can use to make the gloves last for as long as possible.

  • Use Sno Seal or Neat’s Foot Oil on the gloves at the beginning of the season.
  • Replace the inner liners after a season, after they have packer out, to keep the glove’s warmth and extend its life.
  • Dry the inner liner and the leather after each use. By doing so you will prevent the growth of bacteria which deteriorate the leather. If you have treated the gloves with oil, they should be waterproof but just to make sure, you should still dry them.
  • Use barge Cement and patches of leather to repair any tear in the glove. Press the glove and the patch together by applying wax paper and then some heavy books and let it dry overnight.

My hands get cold. How can I keep them warm for longer?

There are a few options that you can try.

  • Buy gloves that come with handwarmer pocket so you can put one of these in each glove to keep your fingers from freezing. Also, placing the handwarmer in a pocket means you will not risk getting burnt by placing it next to your skin.
  • You can buy nitrile gloves which you can put inside your snowboarding gloves. These will keep moisture from your hands away from the gloves, increasing their warmth.
  • You can also find on the market electric gloves with batteries. Unfortunately, they do not last for long so you cannot use them for the entire day without having to recharge them or replace the batteries.

My gloves have many cinch cords. Are they all useful?

A glove should have two cinch straps, near your fingers and wrist to help keep the glove’s fingers in place when it does not fit properly.  This one should be left as open as possible to prevent restricting circulation in the fingers.

Another strap can be found near the cuff, about 4-6” up the forearm. This should be used to cinch down over the jacket’s cuff and keep the snow from entering the glove. This strap is not always useful as many people choose to wear gloves under the jacket. A combination of these straps and cinch cords can offer a snow-free, warm and snug fit for you.

Are padded gloves good for me?

If you are not a ski racer you do not need them. Padded clothing and gloves are usually aimed at protecting skiers when they slap the gates. As a snowboarder, if you do not plan to hit any trees or other obstacles along the way, you can do without padded gloves.

What should I choose? Regular or waterproof gloves?

It depends on the weather and temperature. In the mid-season when it is very cold, the gloves will not get wet, assuming you will not stay a lot with your hands in the snow or falling a lot. So regular gloves will be ok.

In the spring, when the weather is warmer and the snow is more like slush, waterproof gloves will be necessary. Wet gloves can quickly make your fingers cold and cast out all the joy. Waterproof gloves will keep your hands dry and cozy even when it’s raining.


Top Manufacturers for Snowboarding Gloves

Of course, there is no such thing as the best brand for snowboarding glove. Each brand has something unique to offer that the others cannot. If you ask snowboarders about their favorite brand, you will get at least five answers.

So, let’s see which are the top players for this market.

  • Black Diamond is a company based in Utah, and it is renowned for manufacturing some of the best outdoor gear for snowboarding, skiing, climbing and many other outdoor activities.
  • Burton is, in fact, the originator of snowboarding. The brand makes some of the best winter gear on the market.
  • Hestra is a Swedish company founded in the 1930s. At the beginning, it made army clothing but today they have expanded to civilian outdoor clothing, and they are very good at it.
  • Outdoor Research, based in Seattle, was founded in 1981 by Ron It provides everything you need when it comes to outdoor clothing, including some of the best gloves on the market.
  • Arc’teryx is a company from Vancouver, Canada. You will find an entire collection of outdoor equipment, which, although not cheap, it is second to the cone.



Finding the right snowboarding gloves for you depends on the season you plan to use them and what features you need them to have. Some of the features, such as removable liners, handwarmer pockets and large powder cuffs, can really make a difference between a pro level glove and a mediocre one.

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still find good snowboarding gloves, that will have the features you need.