Best Speed Bag Gloves

For those who regularly box, hitting the speed bag is a must. To make sure your hands are well protected, it pays to know the best speed bag gloves available.

Choosing the best speed bag gloves for you will depend on a number of factors. However, the most important things to consider are always comfort, cost, and training level requirements.

It’s ultimately up to you which speed bag gloves you will choose either regular or specialized use. But just make sure you go for a pair that not only fits your needs and your budget, but also guarantees a safe degree of protection for your hands.

What are the top rated speed bag gloves out in the market? To help you, we offer you this guide in making a more informed decision in selecting which type of speed bag gloves to get.

Best Speed Bag Gloves

#1 – Everlast Evergel Hand Wraps
#2 – Harbinger 320 Bag Wristwrap Gloves
#3 – Meister Gel-Padded Prowrap Hand Wrap Gloves
#4 – RevGear Gel Handwraps
#5 – Title Boxing Speed Bag Gloves

What are the Best Gloves for Hitting a Speed Bag

The speed bag gloves in this guide include some well-known products from familiar brands, while also featuring other offerings that could be right up your alley depending on your specific requirements.

Everlast Evergel Hand Wraps

The brand is still going strong even after a century of existence. A big reason why its name remains as popular as ever around the world is because of the consistent quality of its products. That consistency also applies to its Evergel Hand Wraps, which many in the boxing community easily consider one of the best gloves for the speedbag currently out in the market.

One of the main advantages offered by Everlast’s Evergel Hand Wraps is its gel protection design. Why is gel protection important? For one, it protects all of the boxer’s knuckles, including the outer pinkie area. For good measure, these speed bag gloves are also lined with neoprene.

The Evergel Hand Wraps also come with impressive wrist support, thanks to easy but safe Velcro fastening extending fully to the wrist area. This combination of protection and wrist support makes Everlast’s speed bag gloves ideal for a variety of applications, with some boxers even using them beyond just speed bag training (they can be worn under normal gloves during sparring or actual fights).

Harbinger 320 Bag Wristwrap Gloves

For those who want a more complete level of protection for their hands, they might want to go for the Harbinger 320 Bag Wristwrap Gloves. This is because these speed bag gloves cover the entire hand, while offering generous padding for the knuckles at the same time.

The 320 Bag Wristwrap Gloves can be considered a safe all-purpose option. While its Velcro strap provides some wrist support, it might not be ideal for hitting heavy bags.

But for those looking for gloves for speed bag training primarily, this product is not a bad choice. Be aware however that while it is padded well in the knuckle areas (as mentioned earlier), it does not have additional padding for the pinkie area hitting the bag.

Meister Gel-Padded Prowrap Gloves

It may be tricky to find a speed bag glove that offers superb comfort without skimping on the protection. But the Meister Gel-Padded Prowrap Gloves may be one of those that come closest to achieving just that.

Sure, the Gel-Padded Prowrap Hand Wrap Gloves are actually intended to be used as wraps underneath proper boxing gloves. But because they offer adequate protection for the fist, they can double as speed bag gloves, too.

Using a combination of gel and aerofoam material, Meister delivers a product that should fit very well with most palm sizes. On top of that, its stretchable design allows the user’s fingers to go through each hole easily, affording better control and security. Its friendly price doesn’t hurt either, at least when compared with the other products included in this guide.

RevGear Gel Hand Wrap

Yes, using weighted speed bag gloves helps develop speed, strength, and stamina. But for those who would rather prefer a lightweight speed bag glove, they can’t go wrong with the RevGear Gel Hand Wrap. MMA brand RevGear employs an ergonomic approach that results in a product that mixes the toughness of neoprene with the protection of gel lining.

RevGear’s Gel Hand Wrap also comes with a wrist strap that serves as wrist support and can easily be secured or removed via a quick hook mechanism.

Apart from being a speed bag glove, this product can be also worn under the usual boxing gloves, wherein its lightweightness and protection can still both come into play.

Title Boxing Speed Bag Gloves

For those who can afford to get a glove exclusively for speed bag training purposes, they would do well to pick the Title Boxing Speed Bag Gloves. While it is true that this type of speed bag glove is made of leather, users might be delighted to know that the product is quite light and far from being unwieldy.

Also, its design allows the leather and padding to be more evenly spread throughout the glove, providing adequate protection for any part of the hand that comes in contact with the speed bag.

But it should be mentioned that the Title Boxing Speed Bag Gloves should not be used under boxing gloves. The main reason is that the leather material will tend to get hot underneath, causing much discomfort when used for extended periods of time.

Moreover, you should take note that because the product is designed for speed bag training only, there is not much wrist support you can expect. However, if you use it for that purpose only, and not for sparring or for mittwork possibly under proper gloves, then the Title Boxing Speed Bag Gloves is a fine choice.


What are the best bag gloves out there? Or more specifically, what are the best gloves for hitting a speed bag? Well, the answer ultimately comes down to your personal preferences or a combination of several factors, like the level of protection, comfort, lightweightness, and of course, price. With whichever speed bag gloves you pick, the important thing is you study the pros and cons beforehand to ensure that you get your money’s worth.