The Best Baseball Gloves For Youth

Finding the best youth baseball gloves for your kid can be a real challenge. So many models, so many brands, so many colors and sizes and so many factors to take into consideration.

A top-quality glove that also fits well will improve the player’s performance on the field.  Although many believe this, quality does not have to cost an arm and a leg. You can find for a decent price, gloves that will impress you with their durability and quality materials. For example, a leather glove with a good construction will last for many seasons.

The glove and the bat are the most important baseball pieces of equipment in any player’s gear. No matter if you are looking for a beginner glove or you just want to replace or upgrade the glove for let’s say a Little League player, you will be dealing with the same issues.

That is why we have selected some of the best gloves out there for youth players to make things easier for you.


What Is The Best Youth Baseball Glove On The Market?

Because it is difficult to pinpoint just one glove on the market, we have selected 12 options that we think have a lot to offer at an affordable price.

Rawlings Mark of a Pro Light

This youth baseball glove is very popular among both pitchers and infielders. The glove is made from synthetic material and according to the manufacturer, it takes only a few rounds of catch to break it in. The glove comes in five sizes and three color options and it has a modified conventional palm and net.

The glove comes with a Velcro strap for easy adjustment and a snug fit so that you will give your best on the field.

Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series

The glove can be found in three sizes and four color options. According to the company this glove is ready to use, being broken in from the factory. It is made from synthetic leather and it comes with a Velcro strap to secure it and a Neo-Flex conventional back.

The inner lining is comfortable and soft, making the glove ready to use right out of the box. For a decent price you have a good beginner’s glove.

Rawlings Playmaker Youth Baseball Glove

Without a doubt, these are the most highly rated among the best kids baseball gloves. The gloves come in one size and one color and have a Velcro strap so the player can adjust the fit around the wrist.

This 12-inch model is made from leather and the manufacturer claims that the gloves are already broken in and ready to use on the field.

Rawlings R9 Series Youth Pro Taper Glove

This is one of the best youth baseball gloves and it is made for serious youth players. Although it is on the high price range, it has a lot to offer. The glove has exceptional build quality and it is made of genuine leather.

The glove features the six-finger glove design or trapeze pattern and the web is inserted into the glove and not a separate piece. This design choice puts these gloves among the most durable one for young players.

The player has more stability and control of the glove thanks to the small finger stalls. The glove is available for both righthanded and lefthanded players and it comes in four sizes and two color options. The full grain leather is very soft and comfortable and the Tennessee Tanned professional grade lacing keeps them in place.

Easton Z-Flex Series Gloves

This model is a top choice among many players, choosing it for the great quality and fair price. The glove has an exaggerated pocket, dubbed “Grab All” web, with the purpose of helping young players make more catches.

The gloves are made from soft hog hide pigskin leather and they come in black or brown. Thanks to the Z-Flex technology, they are very easy to open and close. The elastic strips placed on the sides of the palm facilitate closure. This technology can only be found in the 10- and 11-inch size.

Easton Stars & Stripes Youth Baseball Glove

Among the best kids baseball gloves, we also included the Easton Stars & Stripes Youth Baseball Glove. These gloves are made from hog hide pigskin leather which makes them extremely flexible, lightweight, comfortable and durable.

These gloves are perfect kids and are designed to help them easily catch the ball thanks to the one-piece palm. The perforated grip also aids in better control. This glove will last the whole season and the more it is used the better it gets. It comes in three sizes and one color.

Wilson Advisory Staff Baseball Glove

This glove comes in three sizes but only the 11″ is available for right and lefthanded players. The best part about this glove is that it is game ready. It has a broken-in shell that is made from leather, with double welting giving the glove extra durability and a reliable pocket.

The glove is available in two color options. This Wilson glove is perfect for any position in the field.

Louisville Slugger 2019 Genesis Youth Glove

Another option among the best baseball gloves for youth is the Louisville Slugger Genesis Youth Glove. The glove comes in five sizes and only one color option.

Taking into consideration that Louisville Slugger is a brand that has been on the market for a long time, you can be sure that their products are top quality. This glove is created for developing players.

The glove has ballistic nylon mesh incorporated into the back design for faster opening and closing. The manufacturer used real leather on the palm of the mitt and for lining the X-ultrasoft material to give more comfort. The top-quality Velcro strap is perfect for youth players to be able to quickly adjust the glove if needed.

Mizuno Prospect Youth Ball Glove

Mizuno is another renowned sports gear brand and the top choice for those who buy baseball gloves for the first time.  The glove includes the Mizuno patented PowerClose technology, which is aimed at helping the player catch the ball easier. Once the ball is caught, the hinges help the player tightly grip the ball, therefore securing the catch.

This glove comes in seven sizes and eight color options. It sets itself apart from the other gloves with the flex bridge closed back which supports the wrist therefore facilitating a stable glove hold.

Franklin Sports Teeball Recreational Series Fielding Glove

In our opinion, this model can be included among the best kids baseball gloves as a top tee-ball glove. This particular glove is comfortable, light and soft, making it perfect for a player who has never used a glove before.

It is soft and pliable which will make it very easy for the kid to squeeze it closed with no effort and little practice. The glove is available in three fun colors and it comes for both right and lefthanded players. The glove is made from synthetic material.

Nokona Alpha Select S200 Youth Glove

Our last choice among the best baseball gloves for kids is the Nokona Alpha Select S200 Youth Glove. This glove will certainly distinguish your kid from the others thanks to its design.

But this glove is not just good looking; it is also made to last. It is made from steerhide and buffalo leather from Nocona. This company is the last one who chose not to move their manufacturing overseas. This means that the quality of the leather is top notch and that each glove is individually handcrafted.

The glove comes with a 1-year warranty, but no worries, it will last for much longer than that. You have two sizes to choose from and only one color option. This high performance and durable glove is ready to use right out of the box.

Akadema Rookie Series Glove

If you are looking for a more high-level glove design, the reptilian pattern and the B-Hive Web will certainly impress you. This glove is for a more experienced player, who will use it in many practices and games.

The glove is made with steerhide leather web and pocket, which will become very comfortable and soft once it breaks in. Although this glove addresses young players, it is made with the same quality and durability as the professional series. The glove comes in one size and two color options.

Thanks to the Grasp Clasp the glove will stay put on the player’s hand, helping him improve his catching technique.

Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting a Youth Glove

Choosing a poorly constructed glove

Not the price and neither the design is essential when choosing a baseball glove for your kid. What is important is its construction, how easy it is to use and how comfortable it is. That is why sometimes it is for the best to choose a used glove from an older player. Such a glove is already broken in which means that it is ready to go.

Choosing a glove that is too big

Ill-fitting gloves are the most frequent mistake seen in youth players. This happens because it is challenging to find the right size glove. Having a glove that is too big will result in a loose fit and having a hand that constantly slips around inside the glove will prevent the player from doing his best on the field.

This mistake is usually made by parents who buy the glove one size up so that the child does not outgrow it in a year. But a poor fitting glove will prevent the child from properly open and close the glove’s pocket. The catching will be a struggle as the ball will only hit the back of the glove and then roll down the palm.

Choosing a glove that is too stiff

Having a brand-new glove means that it will be stiff. Although some brands say that their gloves are already broken in and ready to use, it still takes some time for a glove to perform at its best. A stiff glove will make it hard to control the pocket and will perform the same as an over-sized glove.

The good part about a new glove is that it will last for many seasons. The bad part is that it needs time to break in.


How To Choose The Right Youth Baseball Glove?

There are some factors that you should pay attention to before buying youth baseball gloves.


If your child is not a catcher or a first base player, a generic baseball glove will be just good for him if he is a beginner. But when things get more competitive, have the right glove for the player’s position is an important thing to consider before buying a glove.

The positions that need specially designed gloves are: pitchers, infielders, outfielders, catchers and first basemen. For example, outfielders’ gloves are larger to help them catch fly balls and assist them in line drives.


Finding the right glove size is crucial for the player’s performance. For young players (age 6-15) glove size varies from 9 up to 12 inches, so it can be quite tricky to find the right one.

All brands offer size charts that you can follow to figure out what size your kid needs. Although these charts are quite accurate, we advise you to have the glove tried on before buying it. This way your child will see how the glove feels, if it is rigid or not and of course, if it fits.


You will see gloves with various web designs, but they can all be divided into two main categories: close-webs and open-webs. Closed-webs have an unyielding, solid web from a tight woven pattern, while open-webs have loose cross patterns aimed at creating spaces between each leather piece.

The best glove for a pitcher is the closed web one so he can hide his grip from the other team. A fielder will need an open web glove that will help him track fly balls into the glove.

Most youth baseball gloves would have a closed web to provide extra rigid support when fielding and catching balls.


Baseball gloves are made from various materials, and the one that you want to stay away from is plastic. Gloves containing plastic are cheaply made and very uncomfortable. These are made for children who want to play catch with their friends on the back yard.

Regular baseball gloves are made of different types of leather, such as full-grain, top grain or premium. The best, most durable and the most expensive ones are those made from top-grain leather. These are also the easiest and fastest to break in.


Some baseball gloves can really affect your budget, but they are usually worth the money if they are for an adult player whose hands have stopped growing. For older players and more competitive leagues, an expensive baseball glove would be a worthwhile investment.

For young players you will definitely not need an expensive glove, only to give it away the next year. Besides that, a young player will have just a few games and practices.

Player’s age

Up to 6 years old, the player has just entered the Tee Ball and learn the basics of baseball. The glove he needs is one that fits, and which will make the game fun to play.

For ages 7 and 8 the player needs a glove that will make fielding easy. Although the game is not competitive yet, the player knows the game.

For ages 9 and 10 baseball becomes a little more serious so they need a glove that will make them perform well when they take the field.

For ages 11 and 12 the game has become competitive and they need a worthy glove that offers them support in making clutch plays and which fits perfectly.

For ages 13 to 15 the competition has intensified, the speed of the game is higher and the player is stronger and bigger. This player needs a glove that will protect and help him handle powerful throws. The glove also needs to be durable to last more frequent games and practices.

For age 16 and older the player has entered the big league and the competition is fierce. Money becomes less of an issue for a good glove that will up the player’s performance and help him do his best on the field.


How To Break In A Baseball Glove Faster?

Any new glove will take some time to break in. Depending on the type of material this period can be longer or shorter. But there are a few tricks that will help you break in a baseball glove faster. Of course, the best way is to wear and use it as much as possible, but when time is of essence you can try something else too.

Glove steamer

Using a glove steamer is a relatively new method. You can find such a steamer in athletic goods stores and it will not take longer than 15 minutes to do a glove steam treatment. This should make the glove game ready by loosening the leather, but it will not compare to a glove that was broken in after a season of catches.

Glove oil and conditioner

Another method is to use special oils and conditioners for gloves. If you are willing to pay more for these products, you can find conditioners with a creamy texture that will help you evenly apply the product on the glove. The product has to be re-applied, but you have to be careful not to use too much or the glove will break down sooner than it should.

Use it wisely

In the first few weeks after you have purchased the glove put two balls in the glove instead of one. This will keep the glove from becoming flat. You can put one glove in the pocket and the other in the palm and wrap it with a belt or wraps. By putting only one ball in the pocket you will make the glove take the shape of a taco instead of the wide shape that is needed for catching balls.


Remember, no matter what method you choose to break in your glove, this will be the factor to determine how long the glove will last and how efficient it will be during the practices and games.