All You Need To Know About Ski Lessons

By taking ski lessons you will not only learn how to ski in safety, but also what equipment to use, what are the best places to ski, and much more. You will learn various practices and exercises to help you keep your body in the right position and to perform correct movements.

How Long Are Ski Lessons?

A ski lesson lasts between 2 to 4 hours (2 hours is half a day and 4 hours is considered a full day). Although you might believe this is not a lot of time, 4 hours can leave you pretty tired if you are new to skiing.  Why are 4 hours the maximum? Because if you ski more than 4 hours, you will be so tired that you will not be able to ski properly or perform the techniques correctly.

Types of Skiing Lessons

There are two main types of ski lessons: Group and Private. Let’s learn more about each of them.

Private Lessons

A private lesson means you have the instructor only for you and the friends you have booked the lesson with. This is the fastest and best way to learn how to ski because you will have the instructor’s attention only for yourself. The exercises will be personalized according to your needs and requirements. Besides this all mistakes will be immediately observed and addressed, which means you will not get into bad habits.

Group Lessons

As the name suggests, group lessons imply a group of people, all with roughly the same level of skiing. There will be only one instructor who will do the same exercises with the entire group, on various slopes with different levels of difficulty.

The downside is that being in a large group the instructor will only be able to pay little attention to you, so you will have to be careful that you perform the exercises correctly the first time. But group lessons can also be fun, and you will definitely make some friends there.

The difference between the two types of lessons is also in the price you pay. Although you might want private lessons, their price might force you to ultimately choose a group lesson to fit your budget.

Taking lessons for beginners is great as it will help you get comfortable on the slopes besides people who have the same questions and fears as you. Skiing for beginners usually take place in the morning and the lessons are done by lunchtime.

Usually, the ski runs are marked for beginners with green and here is where all the training will take place. As you progress, you will move to the blue runs which are slightly steeper (in about one week) and the to red slopes which are for the intermediate skiers. The black ones are for advanced.

Keep in mind that not all resorts mark their slopes the same way. So depending on where you are taking your lessons, make sure you first learn the right colors.

Ski Gear

If you do not have your own ski equipment you will have to rent one. Ski boots can be really uncomfortable especially if you are not accustomed to them. They can even prevent you from enjoying skiing if they are not the right fit.  Ask someone to help you choose the right boots and fix the boot clips to be tight enough before each lesson.

You should feel the boot tight, but not too uncomfortable to unbearable. If you can wiggle your toes you are good to go. Do not settle for the first pair of boots you try on. If needed, you can try as many as you want until you find the right ones. Don’t forget to wear thick socks.

Your skis bindings will be fitted according to the size of the boot, your ability and your weight. Bindings are looser for beginners so the skis can pop off easier when you fall over. The length of the poles and the skis will be chosen depending on your height. They will be narrower and with a softer flex so you can make turns easier.


It is not easy to learn to ski, but with the right instructor and number of ski lessons, you will rock the slopes before you know it. Be patient, pay attention to what you learn, wear the right gear and don’t forget to have fun!