Skiing Vs. Snowboarding Learning One On One

For a snow sports addict, skiing and snowboarding will come first over any other sports. Some say that it is easy to learn how to ski and harder to master, while others believe that snowboarding is easier to master and harder to learn.

When it comes to comparing skiing vs snowboarding there are quite a few differences when it comes to techniques.

A beginner’s learning approach in skiing can be under the form of a modular method, but getting to perfect this technique will need the student to become very technical.

In snowboarding, you have to learn how to et on your toe and heel edges. If you manage to be good at this you have the basis of this sport and from here you will reach an impressive level quite easily and fast.

 The First Few Days Of Skiing And Snowboarding

During the first two days it will be easier to learn skiing than snowboarding. This happens because the first one is more intuitive for two reasons:

  1. Separation – when you ski, your legs stay separated. This means that you can throw one leg out when you feel that you start to fall, to rebalance yourself. In snowboarding your feet are attached to the board, giving a feeling of restriction and awkwardness. It can take some time to get used to this. If you start to fall, there will be nothing you can do to prevent that.
  2. Body position – when you ski, you have to keep a straight-on, a straightforward stance. You have complete peripheral vision which means you can see where you are going and what obstacles are in front of you. In snowboarding, the stance is side-on. You have less peripheral vision and you can only see only 50% of the track in front of you.


After The First Few Days


The easiest part of skiing is in the first two days. After this, things will start to get harder and you will need time to acquire the basic level of skill. If in the beginning having your legs separate and being able to move them in turn was a benefit, now it will slowly become a problem because you will need to move both your legs in harmony and symmetry, simultaneously. And this will prove to be a challenge.

You will be taught the Snow Plough, which means getting the tips of the skis together and the end of the skis apart. You will also learn the straight skis to get used to traveling straight down the slopes at a higher speed. You will also learn how to do the Snow Plough turn, moving one ski outwards to complete a turn in the opposite direction.

By the end of the first week you will learn how to do all these three techniques. Although in skiing progression is slower and more technical than in snowboarding, when you will start taking the blue and red runs you will realize that this sport, although challenging and difficult, is also very rewarding.


After overcoming the separation and body position obstacles, beginner snowboarders would have quite easy and fast progress in the sport. Although you found the feet position weird at the beginning, now you will see that this is an advantage.

Having a monoski, means you do not have to worry about trying to keep the skis apart. Once you learn the basics on how to make a turn by turning your shoulders, hips, ankles and feet, you can start having fun on the slopes. You will only need to master balance and gradually increase speed. The best part about this is that turning at increased speed is even easier, because there is less contact between the snow and the board, decreasing the resistance when turning.

By the end of the first week, you should be able to ride down and make simple turns, increasing speed and moving from the slopes to the backcountry perfecting your turns.

Addiction – The Good One

After you have learned to master the ski or snowboard, you will see that this can become addictive. You will breathlessly wait for the winter holiday and the thrill given by being on the slopes. Once you have passed the beginner stage, this sport will become an important part of your life and an immense source of happiness, adrenaline, freedom and fulfillment. You will want to continue and learn more, improve your skills and become better and better.

It will become an addiction but in a good way. You will be in the mountains, exercising in the fresh air and having so much fun. Another good part is that you will meet lots of people like you on the slopes, making so many friends to share the joy with.

Exercises To Strengthen Your Body For Skiing And Snowboarding

No matter if it is ski or snowboarding, you must be fit.

Between the two, skiing is more demanding on the thighs and legs. For snowboarding you need more core strength because you use the upper body more for balance and take turns. A good physical shape will also prevent bad injuries from falls, and these will happen a lot in both sports until you get the hang of them.

There are a few exercises you can do to strengthen your body, depending on what sport you choose.


Skiers need to strengthen their legs so cycling would be a great option to do that. Cycling also has less impact on the joints and knees compared to running. You can also do general exercises for leg strengthening.


You can do exercises for core strengthening, focusing on the muscles in the lower back and the abdomen to improve balance, fitness and injury prevention. You can try simple crunches, Pilates or paddle boarding for a good core work out.


No matter which one of these sports you choose, or maybe both, you can rest assured that you will have lots of fun. No matter how hard it might seem at first, with patience, you will become better and better, forgetting about all the falls and hard time you had learning it.